ODOCON is "One App for Livelihood"

ODOCON is a technology platform for Mobility that serves as an elastic pre-fabricated foundation to this fast evolving space. Elasticity is the balance between an optimized base and idiosyncrasies of a business. The framework helps companies speed up adoption by a significant percentage yet makes it specific to a business, in a much shorter cycle time, at a fraction of the risk and a much lower cost. It truly battles with the fallacy of a product in today's fluidic enterprise. ODOCON Ride, ODOCON Serve and ODOCON First Mile are the products that show how the foundational platform can adapt, plug in to the specifics of businesses and processes and absorb the supporting business changes.

ODOCON products help companies achieve speed of business by saving a lot of real and psychic costs so they finally deliver on a superior user experience, resulting in growth in revenue through either productivity or Sales.

Core Features

Real time schedules management

Now you can manage your schedules from remote locations and in real time. You can create and edit your travel schedules in compliance with approvals from the respective authorities. That would mean a lot of problems getting solved.

The system alternatively allows moderator driven scheduling as well, considering organizations are in the process of maturing to the end-to-end self-service culture. ODOCON helps you start with the current realities and graduate to self-driven technology as and when you are ready.

Policies and Approvals

You can configure your hierarchies and corporate policies in ODOCON. Alternatively they can also be imported from your current HRMS or other systems. Our platform enables you to implement them in real-time and sync with the rest of the process. This in turn helps you manage employee satisfaction and resource optimization.

Real time tracking

The NOW factor is embedded in your field resources and business processes offering a real time control over emergencies. What's the point in late realizations?

For Example - In Employee Transport, Your vehicles embedded with GPS forms an integral asset based resource to a central monitoring and process management hub. In case of constraints like floating resources or issues with ownership of investments that stop you from installing a hard wired device in the vehicles, ODOCON offers several alternatives to still being able to ensure employee safety and security and control driver behavior. A variety of technologies can be utilized to achieve the end objectives. Similarly you can track your field teams (sales, service, installation, collection, distribution etc)

Route Optimization

Route optimization offers an opportunity to optimize your resources and hence cost while delivering on speed of business. Several parameters as part of the built-in library are used to deduce optimal routes. However, it also allows you to add to the existing parameters based on your organizational goals.

Paperless and accurate billing

Billing is NOW driven by precision from GPS based odometers integrated with your financial systems.

Back up options – Navigation and Static Distance Inputs (Ready Reckoners) based logic. These are back-up options to enable a foolproof process even when a vehicle is without any on-board GPS (Tracking device/Android Phone).

This is a key differentiator offering a whole lot of flexibility to the enterprise especially where ground realties make it difficult to deploy a dedicated fleet and part of the business is using adhoc vehicles.

Real time compliance

There are several areas where you have already experienced breach of training and trust. Many parameters within the system can now be logically constrained empowering you with real-time alerts and notifications for Action.

Business Intelligence

Based on the collection of real-time data from across the process, ODOCON helps you with intelligence on the go. The dashboards help you with resource utilization, process compliance and deviation; spend analysis and many such decision support views.